atomica.cascade.plot_multi_cascade(results=None, cascade=None, pops=None, year=None, data=None, show_table=None)[source]

” Plot cascade for multiple results

This is a cascade plot that handles multiple results and times Results are grouped by stage/output, which is not possible to do with plot_bars()

  • results – A single result, or list of results. A single figure will be generated

  • cascade – A cascade specification supported by sanitize_cascade()

  • pops – A population specification supported by sanitize_pops() - must correspond to a single aggregation

  • year – A scalar, or array of time points. Bars will be plotted for every time point

  • data – A ProjectData instance (currently not used)

  • show_table – If True then a table with loss values will be rendered in the figure


Figure object containing the plot