atomica.plotting.plot_series(plotdata, plot_type='line', axis=None, data=None, legend_mode=None, lw=None)[source]

Produce a time series plot

  • plotdata – a PlotData instance to plot

  • plot_type – ‘line’, ‘stacked’, or ‘proportion’ (stacked, normalized to 1)

  • axis – Specify which quantity to group outputs on plots by - can be ‘outputs’, ‘results’, or ‘pops’. A line will be drawn for each of the selected quantity, and any other quantities will appear as separate figures.

  • data – Draw scatter points for data wherever the output label matches a data label. Only draws data if the plot_type is ‘line’

  • legend_mode – override the default legend mode in settings

  • lw – override the default line width

Return type:



A list of newly created Figures