atomica.cascade.plot_single_cascade_series(result=None, cascade=None, pops=None, data=None)[source]

Plot stacked timeseries

Plot a stacked timeseries of the cascade. Unlike a normal stacked plot, the shaded areas show losses so for example the overall height of the plot corresponds to the number of people in the first cascade stage. Thus instead of the cascade progressing from left to right, the cascade progresses from top to bottom. This way, the left-right axis can be used to show the change in cascade flow over time.

  • results – A single result, or list of results. One figure will be generated for each result

  • cascade – A cascade specification supported by sanitize_cascade()

  • pops – A population specification supported by sanitize_pops() - must correspond to a single aggregation

  • data – A ProjectData instance

Return type:



List of Figure objects for all figures that were generated